Will County Center for Economic Development
116 N. Chicago St.- Suite 101 - Joliet, IL 60432
tel: 815/723-1800 fax: 815/723-6972


Will County is a natural business magnet for many reasons:

  • Available, affordable land
    • Will County Land Area: 849 square miles
    • 13th largest county in the state of Illinois
    • 2nd largest in the 6 county Chicago Metro region
    • Between 1990 and 2013, Will County added over 101,796 single-family dwelling units (US Census Bureau)
    • The construction cost value of single-family building permits issued in Will County jumped from $80.3 million in 1985 to $252.2+ million in 2013 (US Census Bureau)
    • The total assessed value of all property in Will County decreased 4% to $19.772 billion in 2013, down from $20.577 billion in 2012 (Will County Supervisor of Assessments)
  • Tremendous highway, rail, water and air transportation accessibility and services
    • 5 interstates
    • Regional, national and international freight rail connections
    • Intercity and commuter rail services
    • Situated on the Illinois waterway system
    • Minutes from Chicago's O'Hare and Midway airports and Lewis airport
  • Available workforce
    • Will County was 62nd of the 335 largest counties in the U.S. in employment growth between September 2012-13 (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
    • Total employment in Will County has increased 76.5%, from 106,073 in 1985, to 187,180 in 2011
    • In 2012, Will County had a total personal income of over $30.9+ billion. This aggregate income ranked 4th in the state and accounted for 5.2% of the state total (BEA)
    • In 2012, Will County had a per capita personal income of $45,316, an 4.2% increase from the prior year (BEA)
    • The estimated average effective buying income $69,113 for 2013, an increase of 89.5% from $36,530 in 1985 (Nielsen)
  • A tremendous pro-growth attitude among its’ thirty-seven municipalities (24 townships)
    • Since the 2000 Census, Will County was estimated to have gained 182,297 residents (36.3% growth), by far the largest numerical increase posted by the state’s 102 counties and one of the highest among the nation’s 3,143 counties (US Census Bureau)
    • Will County’s population has more than doubled (adding 356,711 residents) between 1985 and 2014, increasing from 328,511 to 685,2222 (Nielsen)
    • The U.S. Census Bureau lists Will County as one of the 100 largest counties in the nation
    • Will County is set to become the state’s 2nd largest county by 2030, behind only Cook County (DCEO)
    • The Chicago Metropolitan Area Agency for Planning (CMAP) projects that Will County’s population will exceed 1.2+ million by the year 2040
    • The number of Will County business establishments is almost 38,500 (EMSI)

For 2013, the total amount of industrial square footage was 140,099,289-SF. Additional acreage is designated for a proposed 700-acre intermodal yard and industrial park in Crete. 

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